Webmoney merchant account

webmoney merchant account

Die Datei "onlinegamesslot.review" auf dieser Website lässt nicht zu, dass eine Beschreibung für das Suchergebnis angezeigt wird. Means of the Merchant service are used in the WebMoney Transfer System to on merchants ' web-sites: online stores, personal accounts funding services etc. The Merchant WebMoney Transfer is designed to facilitate WebMoney Transfer integration with websites to ensure automated acceptance of funds from.


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To find out more about the service please click here. You can find an example of payments using these HTML pages in test mode, without actually transferring funds on the Merchant WebMoney Transfer site. Business communication network Business partnership and project management events. Logos and corporate style. Method of requesting the Success URL - Method POST, GET or LINK used to redirect to the Success URL. It is very easy when the merchant fully implements all the possible options when setting up a store.

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The field is used only in the test mode. Keeper for social networks. For online stores Manually. Business communication network Business partnership and project management events. Partnership program of the Verification Center. If the response is different, the payment will not be settled and the customer will get an error message. Statistics Statistics by year. It allows you to prompt the customer for their WM-note number with which they are going to pay directly on the merchant's site and transmit it in the given field whereupon the mma ufc is redirected to the WM-note code entering step and the payment methods selection step is skipped. Verify the digital signature. Perform the following steps in order to set up your site for receipt of WM payments via Merchant WebMoney Transfer:. The customer can optionally implement a special payment method for WM-notes. When merging the fields should be divided by the ; symbol semicolon or without any dividing symbols.